Dienstag, August 30, 2016

Victoria M. booked for PR campaign by Johann von Goisern eye glases

Victoria M. got her next Booking. This time the natural redhair Beauty is booked for a PR campaign of Johann von Goisern eye glases. The campaign shoot will be organized by the Public Relation Agency "Peter & Partner". The shoot will held on Saturday in Vienna. (photo by Edith Laurent Neuhauser/symbol photo)

Sonntag, August 28, 2016

China: Alida booked for Fashionshow in Fu Ling (Making Off Pictures)

On day 2 our Alida got her first Booking! The Jademodel is actually booked for 3 months in China for a Modelmovement. Her first Job was organized in the town of Fu Ling. Near the trainstation "Chongquingbei" there was a little Festival, including a Bikini Fashionshow. Alida sent us those Making Off pictures from her first Booking. (photos: private)

Mittwoch, August 24, 2016

Dienstag, August 23, 2016

Montag, August 22, 2016

Austria: Martin G. by Roland Dutzler

Model: Martin G.
Management: Jademodels Austria
Location: Austria/Kärnten
photographer: Roland Dutzler

Photoshoot: Tereza V. by Stanka Obložinska

Model: Tereza V.
Management: Jademodels London
Location: Slovakia
photographer: Stanka Obložinska

Austria: Ferhat A. by Joe Untenecker

Model Ferhat A.
Management: Jademodels Austria
Location: Studio 1100 Vienna
photographer: Joe Untenecker

China: Alida T. with Castingtour at first day

Today is Alida´s first day in China! She started with a little Castingtour on her first day. On picture 1 you see her at a Live Casting in a shopping mall, on photo 2 with Model colleagues, on picture 3 she found a German Restaurant and on picture 4 she shows us the town of Chongquing, where she had her first casting today. (photos by private)

Sonntag, August 21, 2016