Donnerstag, Juni 30, 2016

Tamara S. & Saskia F. for Dark Corners Shootingprojekt by Evelyn Hronek - part 1

In Klagenfurt (Austria) the 2 Jademodels Tamara S. and Saskia F. had a Shoot with Evelyn Hronek/Kamerawerk. This shoot was not a Beauty Shoot, its shows the Dark side of the Models. For the Dark Corners Shootinproject our 2 girls where chosen, here you see the first results. (photos by Evelyn Hronek)

Mittwoch, Juni 29, 2016

China: Tereza booked for "Bird & Flowers" Show

During her Modelmovement in China our slovakian Beauty Tereza was also booked for a very interesting fashionshow in Beijing. Tereza was on catwalk at the "Bird & Flowers" Show in a Hotel in Beijing. Here you see the Making Off pictures. (photos: private)

Dienstag, Juni 28, 2016

Goa: Selina´s campaign for Da Milano - part 2

In Goa our German Modelbeauty Selina was booked for the exclusive Italian brand "Da Milano". The Jademodel is Mainmodel of the new campaign of Da Milano. Here you see the second part of results on the posters of the company. (photos by Da Milano)

Buket with 5 Bookings for the famous Cricket Championship in India (Hostesse Job)

Jademodel Buket was booked for 5 Cricket Games in New Delhi as a Hostesse. All Hostesses were in the Style of Cheerleaders booked for the worldwide famous Cricket Championship in India. Here you see some Making Off pictures. (photos: private)

Arlind & Enzo booked for Marriage Fashion Workshop in Lower Austria

Arlind H. & Jademodels Newcomer Model Enzo V. are also booked for the Marriage Fashion Workshop on 05.07.2016 in Lower Austria. The 2 Malemodels are booked together with the female Jademodels Sissi Z. and Aleksandra J. The Workshop is organized by the Guild of Photography in Austria. (photo by Christian Crnko/symbol photo)

Austria: Jennifer M. by Thomas Magyar

Model: Jennifer M.
Management: Jademodels Austria
Location: Lower Austria/Outdoor
photographer: Thomas Magyar

Montag, Juni 27, 2016

Austria: Tamara S. by Hetizia Fotodesign

Model: Tamara S.
Management: Jademodels Austria
Location: Austria/outdoor
photographer: Hetiyia Fotodesign

Isabel second runner up at World final "Princess of the World 2106" in Germany

Big surprise at the world final of "Princess of the World 2016" in Germany! Jademodel Isabel Jelinek, who represents Austria, got the third place (second runner up) at this competition. "Princess of the World" is one of the biggest Miss competitions worldwide with participants of 50 different countrys. Also part of the competition: Our slovakian Model Tereza Viznerova and our guest model Daniela Sekulic. Congratulations Isabel! (photos 1,2 & 4 by Alexander Feyh, photo 3 - private)

Sonntag, Juni 26, 2016

Selina booked for the Twills Magazine - Editorials

Next fantastic Job for our Selina. For the well known "Twils Magazine" the Jademodel was booked for a big Editorial-Shoot. Selina was the Main Model of different themes, with different other Models. Here you see the results of her Shoot in New Delhi which was published in the Magazine. (photos by Twills Magazine)

Sissi & Aleksandra booked for Marriage Photography Workshop in Lower Austria

Sissi Z., winner of Österreichs Nächstes Topmodel 2015, and the new Jademodel Aleksandra J. are booked on 05.07.2016 for a Marriage Photography Workshop in Lower Austria. The Workshop is organized by the Guild of Photography in Austria. For Aleksandra J. its her first Job at Jademodels, just a few days after signing her contract. (photo by Jürgen Hofmann/symbol-photo)

Samstag, Juni 25, 2016

New Delhi: Buket booked for catalogue of Chique (Making Off)

Next catalogue Booking for Jademodel Buket! In New Delhi she was booked for the new catalogue of the brand "Chique". Here you see 2 Making Off pictures of the Shoot with the winner of Salzburgs Nächstes Topmodel 2012. (photos: private)