Dienstag, Mai 31, 2016

China: Tereza booked for Love Deeply - diamond jewelry show - Backstage

In the chinese town Xi Chang there was a diamond jewelry show with our slowakian Model Tereza V. The show with the Jademodel was for the brand Love Deeply and was part of the 10 days competition Tereza actually participates. Here you see the Backstage photos of the Show. (photos: private)

Hyderbad: Selina booked for catalogue & campaign of Linen Vogue

Next great Booking for our German Beauty Selina D. For the brand "Linen Vogue" she was booked for their catalogue & campaign in Hyderbad. On pictures 1, 2 and 3 you see 3 pictures which are used fpr the catalogue & the campaign, on picture 4 you see a Making Off picture. (photos by Linen Vogue)

Alida for Marriage Fashion Project by Gustav Morgenbesser & Marlen Neufeld

The 2 photographers Gustav Morgenbesser & Marlen Neufeld had chosen Jademodels-Alida for their Marriage Fashion Project. The Shoot was held near of Neunkirchen/Lower Austria, here you see the results. (photos by Gustav Morgenbesser & Marlen Neufeld)

Tom & Ergün booked for Saturn EM Live-Challenges (3 days booking)

The 2 Jademodels Malemodels Tom S & Ergün  D. are booked for the Saturn EM Live-Challenges. In the markets of Saturn there are some Live-Challenges with a table-soccer. In Salzburg you will find Ergün, in Lower Austria you will find Tom, for 3 days between 02.06.2016 and 04.06.2016. Fight and win great prices there! (photos by Christopher Smahel - Foto 1, Reinhard Fürstberger - Foto 2)

Montag, Mai 30, 2016

New Delhi: Buket booked for catalogue of the brands Muah Collection, Linen on and Nakateki

Next Booking for our Buket (winner of Salzburgs Nächstes Topmodel 2012) in New Delhi! For the 3 brands Muah Collection, Linen on and Nakateki the Jademodel was booked for their catalogue Shoot. The Shoot was organized in a photostudio in New Delhi. (photo by Anmol Garg/symbol photo)

Milan: Eva booked for Sofia Pezza/Instituto Marangoni

In Milan our Mallorquin Beauty Eva P. was booked for Sofia Pezza of the Instituto Marangoni. The Shoot was organized in a Studio in Milan with photographer Sheila Gallerani. The Make Up the Shoot was done by Valeria Iovino. (photo by Sheila Gallerani)

Austria: Isabel J. booked for Johann von Goisern

For the well known eye-glases brand "Johann von Goisern" of the producing company Pomberger our Isabel J. (winner of   Niederösterreichs Nächstes Topmodel 2015) was now booked for a photojob. Here you see the results from her shoot in a photostudio in Vienna with photographer Peter Güttenberger and the photoproduction Peter & Partner. The photos will be used as PR photos for Johann von Goisern. (photos by Peter & Partner)

Goa: Selina booked for the campaign of Da Milano

In Goa our German Modelbeauty Selina was booked for the exclusive Italian brand "Da Milano". The Jademodel is Mainmodel of the new campaign of Da Milano. Here you see the results on the posters of the company. (photos by Da Milano)

Sonntag, Mai 29, 2016

China: Tereza booked for a 10 days competition

In China our Tereza got her next payed job. Actually the Jademodel is in the town Xi Chang, booked for a model competition. The participation is payed. The name of the contest is "World Super Model 2016". All the best for our girl there! (photos: private)

Austria: Sophia K. by GSG Photography

Model: Sophia K.
-> Tirols Nächstes Topmodel 2015
Management: Jademodels Austria
Location: Innsbruck/The Tyrol
photographer: GSG Photography

Freitag, Mai 20, 2016

Austria: Alida T by Sophie Häusler

Model: Alida T.
Management: Jademodels Austria
Make Up & Styling: Sophie Häusler
Location: Austria/outdoor
photographer: Sophie Häusler

New Delhi: Buket booked for TV Advertising against corruption - Making Off

Interesting new Booking for our Buket in New Delhi! The Jademodel (winner of Salzburgs Nächstes Topmodel 2012) got a job for an TV Advertising agains corruption in India. Here you see the funny Making Off pictures of her day in front of the camera. (photos: private)

Donnerstag, Mai 19, 2016

Germany: Jennifer booked for catalogue of Warmbier (internal use)

Next job for our Jennifer, winner of "Vorarlbergs Nächstes Topmodel 2015" and second place at "Österreichs Nächstes Topmodel 2015". For the german brand "Warmbier" she is now booked for a internal catalogue. The brand will be in Germany with the photographer Matthäus Kloc. Warmbier is a company for occupation clothes. The photos will just be just internal. (photo by Reinhard Fürstberger/symbol photo)

Bangalore: Selina booked for campaign of the fashion brand "Central Brand"

Everywhere in India you actually see those posters of the campaign for the Fashion-Brand "Central Brand". On of the campaign-models is the German Jademodel Selina D. She had the campaign shoot in Banghalore, here you see the results. (photos by Central Brand)