Sonntag, Januar 31, 2016

New Delhi: Andjela booked for one more month

The Serbian Jademodel Andjela is booked one more months in India. Until now she was quite succesful and so she decided to stay for a longer time in New Delhi. Andjela got many jobs for catalogues or online catalogues like amazon India. (photo by Amazon India)

8 Jademodels 2 days at "Goldegger Hochzeitsmesse" (marriage fashionshows)

In the middle of January on Castle "Goldegg" the well known marriage exhibition "Goldegger Hochzeitsmesse"as held. On both days 8 Jademodels where booked: Sissi Zheng (winner "Österreichs Nächstes Topmodel 2015"), Kevin Rössler (winner "Österreichs Nächstes Malemodel 2015"), Sophia Keck, Jennifer Scheutz, Elisa Kolditz, Maja Simon, Ömeralp Kilic and Ellina Sedova. The 8 Jademodels presented the great fashion of "Susanne Prister", "Modehaus Nagl" and of "Mobiles Hochzeitsservice Aphrodite". Make Up and stlying was done by Make Up Artist Eva-Maria Reiter and Hairstylistin Anja Voithofer. (photos by WILFRIED KRIERER)

Selina booked for Catalogue Shoot in Noida

Our German Topmodel Selina is still rocking India! In Noide she was booked for her next Catalogue. The Shoot was done by photographer Rahul Datta. Here you see the Making Off Pictures of the Catalogue production. (photos: private)

Samstag, Januar 30, 2016

Austria: Dagmar by Walter Kvapil

Model: Dagmar K.
Management: Jademodels Austria
Make Up & Styling: Vienna Make Up Academy
Location: Vienna/Austria
photographer: Walter Kvapil

Kevin booked for "Nah & Frisch" TV Advertising

Kevin R., winner of the Topmodel-Competition "Österreichs Nächstes Malemodel 2015", was booked for another great job. For the TV-Advertising of the supermarket "Nah & Frisch" he still had his booking. Here you see the Making offs. (photos: private)

Donnerstag, Januar 28, 2016

Sissi: Shoot with Label "Vintage & Young"

Model: Sissi Z.
-> Österreichs Nächstes Topmodel 2015
Agency: Jademodels Austria
Fashion: Vintage & Young
Make Up & Styling: Destiny Kismet
photographer: Andreas Bübl

Sophia K. by Reinhard Fürstberger Part I

Model: Sophia K.
-> Tirols Nächstes Topmodel 2015
Management: Jademodels Austria
Location: Germany
photographer: Reinhard Fürstberger

Dienstag, Januar 26, 2016

New Delhi: Selina booked for The Muse Campaign

Next Campaign Booking for our Selina. In New Delhi she got the Job for the new "The Muse" Advertising Campaign. Here you see the first results... (photos by The Muse)

Julia K. for Supermodel Magazine

The Austrian Jademodels-Topmodel Julia K. had a Shoot for photographer Lizz Krobath (Prontolux) which was published in the famous Supermodel-Magazine. Styling was done by the well knwon Austrian Hairstylist Christopher Gröbl, Make up by Metallized Make Up. Here you see the results of the great Job! (photos by Prontolux)

Dagmar K. for Austrian Make Up Academy

Bloody Job for our Dagmar. The Jademodel was chosen for the Exams of the Vienna Make Up Academy. Dagmar had to play a Zombie. Perfec Job for her... (photos by Walter Kvapil)

Bangalore: Selina booked for a Shoot

Our German Model-Beauty Selina rocks the Indian market. In Bangalore she was booked for this Shoot in a Hotel for a well known photographer. Here you see the first results.

Montag, Januar 25, 2016

Aleksandra Z. by Marija Andric - Part II

Model: Aleksandra Z.
-> Österreichs Nächstes Topmodel 2011
Management: Jademodels Austria
Location: Serbia
photographer: Marija Andric

Austria: Elisa by Edith Laurent Neuhauser

Model: Elisa K.
Management: Jademodels Austria
Make up & Styling: Nadja Hluchovsky
Location: Vienna/Austria
photographer: Edith Laurent Neuhauser