Samstag, Oktober 31, 2015

Selina booked for 3 months in New Delhi

The German Jademodels-Flower Selina is now booked in New Delhi. It is the first Modelmovement for the 18 year old Model. Some weeks ago Selina was in Mallorca at Jademodels Mallorca, to prepair her for the international business. In a few weeks she will fly for 3 months to the Indian town. (photo by Matthais Reiser)

Emilie actually for one month in China

The Austrian Beauty Emilie (winner of Salzburgs Nächstes Topmodel 2013) is actually for one month in China. She will have some Shoots, some Fashionshows there and will also participate on a Miss Competition. We wish our "Em" all the best in China! (photo by Stefan Häusler)

Donnerstag, Oktober 29, 2015

Dienstag, Oktober 27, 2015

Photoshoot: Tereza by Sandra Mörwald

Model: Tereza
Management: Jademodels International
Location: Airport Vienna
photographer: Sandra Mörwald

Photos: Elke Freytag Pret a Porter with Jademodels

In the Novomatic Forum in Vienna the big Pret a Porter of the well known Austrian Fashionmaker Elke Freytag was held. Part of the show where 3 Jademodels: Kristy, Sissi and Jovana.

On the Facebook-Page of Jademodels International you will see some photos of the Show: Elke Freytag Pret a Porter. (photos by Jolly Schwarz)

Sissi booked for Andreas Stastny Workshop

Next booking for our Asian Beauty Sissi! For photographer Andreas Stastny the Jademodel will be booked for the next fashion-workshop in Graz.  Sissi is actual one of the Shooting-Stars of Jademodels, did the big show of Elke Freytag, is booked as live-model for the famous Photo-Adventure, was booked in Germany for a Fashionshow of Eurmodel and in Austria for a Fashionshow by "Boutique Schatzinsel". (photo by Manu Jaggl)

Mirjam and Vanessa booked for People & Portrait Workshop by Michael Schnabl

The 2 Jademodels Mirjam & Vanessa are booked for the next Workshop of Michael Schnabl in Graz. The Workshop "People & Portrait" will held on 07 th and 8 th November 2015. Michael Schnabl won two times the famous "Trierenberg", which is like the title "Worldchampion of Photography". Here you will find all details for the WORKSHOP. (photos by Michael Schnabl)

Montag, Oktober 26, 2015

Bree booked for Arcant Advertising

Jademodels-Model Bree was booked for the Austrian Company Arcant. The Shoot for the new Advertising Photos of Arcant, a company for cash systems, was organized by P & R Agency, the photographer was Peter Güttenberger. To see the website of Arcant: (photo by Peter Güttenberger)

Shoot: Sabrina by Walter Kvapil

Model: Sabrina K.
Management: Jademodels Talents
Make Up: Vienna Make Up Academy
Location: Studio Wien
photographer: Walter Kvapil

Sonntag, Oktober 25, 2015

Donnerstag, Oktober 22, 2015

Jademodels Mallorca: Antonella by Imiak Khan

Model: Antonella
Management: Jademodels Mallorca
Make up & Styling: Sabine Roiss
Assistent: Kathrin Aigner
Location: Palma de Mallorca
photographer: Imiak Khan

Photoshoot: Fabia by Christian Crnko

Model: Fabia K.
Management: Jademodels Austria
Location: Vienna
photographer: Christian Crnko

Montag, Oktober 19, 2015

Mallorca: Mirjam by Imiak Khan

Model: Mirjam Sadovnik
Management: Jademodels International
Guest-Model: Michael Schnabl (picture 4)
Location: district Santanyi/Mallorca
photographer: Imiak Khan

Tonight! Elke Freytag Fashionshows with 3 Jademodels

In two hours there will be the beginn of the Fashionshow by Elke Freytag, an famous Austrian fashionmaker. 3 Jademodels are part of the show: Kristy S., Jovana Z. and Sissi Z. will present the elegant fashion. Here you see the location, the Novomatic forum in Vienna. (photo: private)

Samstag, Oktober 17, 2015

Guangzhou: Buket for Mauro Gasperi und PP+ Fashion Show

During her on stay booking in China our Buket was booked for another big Fashionshow. The Luxury brand Mauro Gasperi did a Fashionshow together with PP+ in  Guangzhou City - the Jademodel was booked for this show. Here you see the pictures of her walks. (photos: private)

Mirjam also published in Italian Photo-VOGUE

Jademodels Beauty Mirjam was also published in Italian Photo-VOGUE. The famous Magazine took a picture of Mirjam´s Mallorca Shoot with the two time world-Champion of Photography (Trierenberg-winner 2015 & 2012) Michael Schnabl. The picture was done in an old Vinery in Felanitx. Some weeks before our Russian Beauty Lilia Kutlina was also published in Italian Photo-Vogue with another Shoot. (photo by Michael Schnabl/