Donnerstag, September 24, 2015

Jademodels Modelcamp Mallorca 2015 by Miguel Angel

In Mallorca the Jademodels Modelcamp 2015 was held 2 months ago. 4 girls from Austria, Petra Stevic, Anna Niederbichler, Lisa Niederegger and Kerstin Mayrhofer where part of this Shootingcamp. Also 2 girls from Jademodels Mallorca where part of the Camp 2015. Jademodels organizes Modelcamps since 2008 and was worldwide one of the first Organisations which organize Modelcamps. Here you see the 4 Austrian Girls, shoted by the spanish photographer Miguel Angel at the Locations Cala D´Or, Cala Marcal, Porto Colom and Cala Figuera. (photos by Miguel Angel)