Samstag, September 26, 2015

Jademodels Mallroca: Alba booked for Pinko Fashionshow in Palma

Jademodels Mallorca Beauty Alba was booked for the Fashionshow of Pinko in Palma de Mallorca. The Shows held in the official Store of the company. Photographer Jose Urbanao sent us those pictures from the walks of our dearest Alba. (photos by Jose Urbano)

Jademodels Mallorca: Photos of Eva - Onlineshop-Booking for Linea Mano

Jademodels Mallorca Beauty Eva was booked for the Onlineshop of Linea Mano ( The shooting was held in Palma in a photostudio. Here you see the first results of the Shooting. (photos by Lineamano)

Freitag, September 25, 2015

China: Buket booked for UW-Show in Kunming

Jademodel Buket Cakir is booked for another big show in China. In the town Kunming there was a big underwear Fashionshow held in a luxury Palais. Here you see the pictures Buket & her Model-friends have done backstage of the Show. (photos: private)

Shooting: Sabrina K. by Wolfgang Major

Model: Sabrina K.
Management: Jademodels Talents
Make Up & Styling: Signorina Teresa Rizzo
photographer: Wolfgang Major

Vanessa booked again for Michael Schnabl Workshop

The Austrian Jademodel Vanessa T. is booked tomorrow for the Workshop of the Styrian Top-Photographer Michael Schnabl in Graz. Theme of the workshop will be Portrait-Photography. Here you see a picture, Michael Schnabl did at the last Workshop he booked Vanessa. (photo by Michael Schnabl)

China: Mina booked for Fashionshow in Shangyu

Our Serbian Topmodel Mina was booked for another Fashionshow in China. The Models had 5 different combination, from 5 different designers. The Fashionshows was held in Shangyu for the winter 2015/2016 season. The Designers of the Show where from Russia, Canada and some more. One of designers was the famous Canadian Brand NAFA: (photos: private)

Mermaid International: Michelle Steiner on the way to Egypt!

The Austrian Beauty Michelle Steiner is nominated by Jademodels to represant Austria at the international Contest "Mermaid International 2015" in Egypt. The contest is organized by the German Agency Euromodel and Mister William Balser. Today she is flying to egypt, we wish the first Austrian Mermaid International Michelle all the best for the competition! (photo: private)

Donnerstag, September 24, 2015

Jademodels Modelcamp Mallorca 2015 by Miguel Angel

In Mallorca the Jademodels Modelcamp 2015 was held 2 months ago. 4 girls from Austria, Petra Stevic, Anna Niederbichler, Lisa Niederegger and Kerstin Mayrhofer where part of this Shootingcamp. Also 2 girls from Jademodels Mallorca where part of the Camp 2015. Jademodels organizes Modelcamps since 2008 and was worldwide one of the first Organisations which organize Modelcamps. Here you see the 4 Austrian Girls, shoted by the spanish photographer Miguel Angel at the Locations Cala D´Or, Cala Marcal, Porto Colom and Cala Figuera. (photos by Miguel Angel)

Mallorca: Lilia by Imiak Khan Photography

Model: Lilia K.
Management: Jademodels International
Location: Cala Marcal/Mallorca
photographer: Imiak Khan

China: Buket booked for Fashionshow in Tianjin

In the chinese town Tianjin our buket was booked for the fashionshow at the big fashionevent in Galaxy Tianjin. The Jademodel had fashionshow for brands like Transit, Max & Co, Tony Studio, or Diamond Dazzle. (photos: private)

Mittwoch, September 23, 2015

Shooting: Elisa by Stefan Pflanzl part II

Model: Elisa K.
Management: Jademodels International
Location: Steiermark
photographer: Stefan J. Pflanzl

Jademodels Mallorca: Nurgül by Ricardo Mariani

Event: Jademodels Mallorca Shooting Day @ Inca
Model: Nurgül
Management: Jademodels Mallorca
Make up & Hairstyling: Alexandra Singer/En Route de create
Fotograf: Ricardo Mariani